Community Umpiring Round

This week each league in Southern NSW will take part in Community Umpiring Round to support umpires at the community level of the game.  Community Umpiring Round encourages everyone involved in Australian Football – coaches, players, administrators, parents and supporters – to play a role in creating a positive match day environment to retain and recruit umpires.

Umpiring is a great way to be part of AFL. It teaches leadership, assertiveness and decision making. At each game this weekend umpires will be recognised for their contribution to Australian Rules Football and we promote umpiring as a way of getting or staying involved in the game. At the games this weekend umpires and players are encouraged to shake hands at the start of each match as well as wear a green armband to signify Community Umpiring Round.

I ask that we show appreciation for the job performed and be respectful towards umpires this weekend and beyond. As Giants Coach Leon Cameron said, “Umpires are essential to our sport while decisions may not always go your way respect their judgement and play the game in good spirits.” We ask that Coaches, players and supporters create a positive atmosphere for the officials of the game whether they are league appointed or club umpires. Can I emphasise again that abuse of umpires is not acceptable in our code!

For more information on becoming an umpire contact AFL House 02 5924 4608 or email